Welcome to P41. This is where the journey begins.

A liquid journey through Parallel 41

A new mixology concept that the multidisciplinary artist Inocuo has wanted to capture in a spectacular ceramic wall: geometric and organic come together, hand in hand, to cover all the trips that converge in P41.

"The challenge of moving all this conceptual burden to the physical plane required a strictly unique piece" INOCUO

A ticket to the unknown

Discover a curated selection of signature cocktails prepared with ingredients from different places and cultures around Parallel 41.

Liquid Journey

The Liquid Journey is an experience, a thrilling journey through the senses and the imagination guided by the audacious cocktails of Diego Baud.

Parallel 41

P41 blends ingredients and flavours originating from Rome, Istanbul, New York, Oporto and the Chinese region of Shenyang, with Barcelona always at the centre—both origin and destination.


P41 is a living space that transforms itself to keep surprising you. Do not miss out on upcoming Liquid Journey Series events and celebrations. We look forward to seeing you!

Embark on a journey of flavors

In addition to our cocktails, you can liven up the trip with the Forgotten all timers: Negroni, Martini, Caipirinha or Mojito, as well as liquors, wines and champagnes from leading brands. And complement the experience with a selection of signature dishes and tapas directly inspired by the gastronomy of the diverse spots around the parallel.


Exceptional duality

One style. One personality. One way of understanding cocktails to create a unique proposal in P41.

Diego Baud

Head Mixologist

Diego is creativity and passion, the genius behind the original creations of P41. This mixologist of American origin boasts numerous recognitions to his credit and has found in Barcelona the ideal environment to continue feeding his overflowing imagination.


The didactic face of P41. A dynamic space of inspiration and exchange in which each night Diego invite you to play, reflect and experiment with ingredients, aromas and sensations from around the world. An experience within the experience in which curiosity is the only requirement.

Coctelarium is also the setting for The Liquid Journey Series, a cycle of workshops and special events in which exceptional guests from the world of cocktails and liquid flavors will take us beyond the limits of our journey.

They've already traveled with us...